Reviews for "Megaman X Virus Mission"

just one round

This game just has 1 battle round but the skill is good so i give it a 8

DBZ fan, eh?

Not bad, I liked seeing the Gaia armor blast put in there. I could tell you are a DBZ fan, because Magma Dragoon does Frieza's Death ball, and I saw a kamehama stance. The sound effects also kinda give it away. I like the hyper form with the time limit. You should make a second one that is turned base with other characters, hell you could make a duplicate of this game, but just with DBZ characters, lol.
overall, decent game, took about 7 minutes or so.....

MaranX responds:

Actually Magma Dragoon has Hadoken stance, a Street Fighter energy blast. I took sound effects from Earth Special Forces, a Half Life mod with DBZ characters. The reason I used them basically in every animation because they give a powerful feeling to the attacks.

worth playing

awsome game good graphics


the graphics is nice but too easy.

the Best!!

the best megaman rpg game yet!!!