Reviews for "The Pumpkin Plot"

Absolutely Brilliant

Loved it. It's a fresh take on Halloween, one that I didn't expect to see any time soon. I wish more were like this.
This makes me not want to submit my own Halloween entry - it was just that good.

ImpendingRiot responds:

Aww jeeze, well I don't wanna be the one who pressures anyone into not submitting :) I think if an ideas there, don't worry, just run with it and have fun. If you do submit it, PM me about it, I'd love to see it.


That was utterly amazing. I havn't had a good laugh in awhile, and this did it for me. I'm gonna be pissed if this doesn't get front page. The ending was so goood! You have talent man, I loved it!

:) 5 all the way.

This is Great!

Nice plot and graphs!

Best halloween movie so far ;)

ImpendingRiot responds:

Hopefully others feel the same way :)
Thanks, by the way.


Dude this was great and everything but where the heck does everyone get the halloween newgrounds preloaders?!?!Im making stuff 4 halloween and its a shame i dont hav 1 and dont now were to get 1. Nice movie anyways, made me laugh!! XP


This was so fantastic I had to watch it a second time which is a rariety in my case ! You deserve to win the halloween contest. This was original and so bloody funny ! Keep up the great work .