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Reviews for "The Pumpkin Plot"


Nice flash man...but add a little more movment in to it its sorta just sits there...its hella funny tho.

ImpendingRiot responds:

Pumpkins are hard to motivate.

But in all seriousness, will do, I'll work on that next time.

Raw... Full...

Hilarious! And great animation! Amazing job.

More please.

ImpendingRiot responds:

Oh I intend on making more


that was an excellent halloween animation... probably the best one i've seen so far this year. i really hope this one wins an award and gets into the halloween '06 section... i did my part to try and get it into that section.
this animation was just awesome, i really liked this one, especially the graphics and the style... very impressive.
great job!

ImpendingRiot responds:

Thanks man, hopefully I stand a chance :)

Lacked something

It was slightly funny in places and the lip syncing was good but it just seemed a little dry. A great idea, well executed, but could be improved.

ImpendingRiot responds:

Ah, well thank, I can respect that :)

Aww... pumpkin!!

I did feel suspense for a while. The narration was really good and I felt the creeps. But I think this lacks somewhat the "element of surprise" since I was already caught offguard by the atmosphere then... downhill midway the flash.... You could've pushed the limit a bit further by making the pacing faster and the ending a bit more "tragic" so we can pity the pumpkin in the end... O_O It was a teeneeweenee bit obvious how the story ends because of the hint the other pumpkin gives, but you did do a great job for something that only took a while.

The voice actors were also great! They sounded like real professionals. But the hill billy voice guy somehow didn't get the whole thing right. I think that his voice "reverts" back to his original sounding voice or something. I'm not sure I can explain that well.. That's about it and I really liked the whole pumpkin thing.



ImpendingRiot responds:

Yeah, I tried hinting at sarcasim, but I think there's still a slighty suprise with the end.

Anyways, thrilled you enjoyed it :)