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Reviews for "The Pumpkin Plot"

Pretty Damn Bloody Banal

I'd say it's a little mediocre and jilted, the whole story line doesn't really..for want of a better word..Flow. However there are a few quirks that improve the overall quality of the flash, and masses of kudos for the voice acting...Very unique and well articulated ^.^

The Voice Acting was Terrific.

If you did this in a short period of time then kudos. I thought the voice work was great, it was clear and showed some effort. As for the art and length of the overall flash it was good, although the humor was slightly stale, I still enjoyed it a lot.


Wow that was some really impressive artwork, even the animation was superb, and you really presented some nice screenshots like in the different views, my onlything about this was that it could have used some "SUBTITLES" but other then that it was very impressive work, nice job...

Add some subtitles...

A wellmade animation with awsome story and even better graphics, awsome job...


ImpendingRiot responds:

I was going to include subtitles, but I felt that they weren't practical in this situation, most of the lines are clear and drawn out. However, I'll be sure to include them in my next film :)


That was utterly amazing. I havn't had a good laugh in awhile, and this did it for me. I'm gonna be pissed if this doesn't get front page. The ending was so goood! You have talent man, I loved it!

:) 5 all the way.

not too bad!

this was pretty funny, i enjoyed the graphics, they were fairly stylish.

the sound quality was excellent and the jokes weren't too bad.