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Reviews for "Fight The Devil!"

Nice vocals

The problem is the vocals are left out of any of the energetic moments, let alone most of the piece. They were beautiful, but leaving them to their own calm segment was too confining, like caging a songbird. As a result, the energy in the rest of the song just seemed like raw emotion without grace. In the segment from 3:05 to 3:20, I can faintly make out a high-pitch shredding. The problem is it's faint. A very talented composition, though. It slightly beckons the sound of Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce, which isn't my favorite song by far, but definitely respected for the guitarist's shred talent.

Burn7 responds:

My original intention for this song was to add my own vocals in. Because I do not have a good recording microphone, however, I found that they detracted from what quality I already had. I originally wanted to layer the female vox over my own and have it be less of a one-time thing in it's own little part.

Yes, in 3:05 - 3:20ish I was just recording myself soloing over the piece that I had written up to that point, and didn't have any intention of adding it into the song. I did like how it sounded though, and so as a little kind of joke to myself I added it in very faintly at that point. With vocals it wouldn't even be noticeable unless you were listening extremely intently or already knew it was there.

Thanks for the awesome review. I really do enjoy it when I get good feedback like this. Definitely helps to improve my songwriting overall :D


And Awe

Burn7 responds:

I sure hope that's a good "Shock and Awe", because I'd rather not have it be a bad one where you're like "Goddamn what the HELL?!". But I'm guessing from your 10 review that it was good. So thanks!

O_O wow!!

dude your a guitar god! *bows*

Burn7 responds:

I'm not really a GOD, I just have a lot of different techniques at my disposal. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty good, but a lot of it you wouldn't be able to tell if I used a different type of distortion or didn't have good recording equipment.

Where the hell...

Did you find a female vocalist???

I need one, bad. But not now, I'm in the process of completely redoing my entire unreleased album. Hopefully help from a Guitarist...

Other than that.

The song. Epic. I enjoyed it a lot. Just wish the bass drum was a bit stronger. But none the less epic.

Burn7 responds:

I actually met her through a friend that I'm doing music for his flash game. She's pretty incredible, although she's really been busy lately so I can't really work with her.

And "Hopefully help from a guitarist", if you're asking me then I might be able to do stuff for you. I'm just slightly busy-ish lately. And if you're not asking me at all and I'm totally misinterpreting that then I'm an idiot.

Not what I expected.

The female vocals was a surprise, a pleasant surprise none the less. Nice song overall.

Burn7 responds:

Thanks dude! I try to add in a little bit of variety every now and again.