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Reviews for "Fight The Devil!"

Excellent job mate :)
I like it, gave it 5 stars.
Also, I used it in my video on youtube, hope you don't mind it. check it out if you want, I will give u link in msg (to avoid shameless self-promotion).

Burn7 responds:

Hey, thanks man! I checked out your vid, pretty damn smexy of you :D

I LOVED Diablo 2. The sour aftertaste of failure that Diablo 3 gave me still lingers in my mouth though, so I saw the words "Diablo" and was like "Urrrgh". Then came the "II" And I was all "OMG I <3 DAT GAME"

die mother fucker.song this firm

I was re-watching Xionic Madness and I was curious as to where some of the music came from, saw your name pop up, went to your audio page. I've listened to almost half your songs now and I must say, I am so fuckin blown away by how amazing your stuff is. Mad respect man, Mad. Fuckin. Respect.

holy shit is very cool nice job 1000/1000

Ive listened to just about all of ur other metal songs, and I was thinking "Hey this songs pretty good." Then I heard the solo. HOLY FUCKIN JESUS MAN!!! There are no words in the English language to describe what I just experienced. You are God