Reviews for "Funky Bunny"

Brilliant design and animation

Once the flash started rolling I liked the quirky and fun toon shaded designs and the well done animations. The Rabbit consuming all those things and eventualy turning into a carrot gave nice scope to repeat the whole animation and I thought it reflected well upon the cycle of life in general (not that the rabbit died, but I hope you get what i mean). Anyway, this is great work.


its not good.its just a buny sucking up sh#it and gettin high and then hes turns to a carrot lol

bunny gettin high off mushrooms....wow

i liked the fact that it was a bunny gettin high....FROM MUSHROOMS lol....but i got bored with the endless loop....it was soooooo groovy (yes i said groovy) that he saw rainbows and the little aliens from those old games and the trees and bushes danced....but seriously it kinda made me start to fall asleep after watchin for a while....

bunnys rule

i think the only thing wrong with this animation is that its not in a exact loop, otherwise its pretty awesome

You can watch it over and over again

Verry original and good animated.And i like the fact that its made like a circle :D