Reviews for "Funky Bunny"

Hah nice

Hey! I thought this was great, bunnies rule, and I loved the trippiness! Keep up the awesome flashwork<3 ^_^


boring well a little

This rocks

This.. Flash... Rocks...

Pointless humor is my favorite. The ending is the funniest part, where the animation loops over and over again. Great stuff.


that was really stupid. i thought it was pointless, and not funnt at all. the only thing this flash had was good graphics. and the sound was fine.

Matmi responds:

So the flash was good and so were the graphics but it was pointless. eerrmh?

Its called fun, slightly sureal, but fairly silly. Its made for those without a sense of humour bypass ;) on joking.

Hope you enjoy our other stuff more.


i love how you took this animation and looped it over and over without any skips or pauses within, awesome, just simply awesome

Matmi responds:

Cheers. We like it as well. Its rarher silly, we like silly :)