Reviews for "Funky Bunny"


thats was a horrbul
i didnt like it
a 2 year old could of thought of that
its was points less
a waste of time
im never getting that min of my life again!!

Matmi responds:

Thanks for your positive review.

Find me a two year old who can do this and I will be happy.

It was a bit of fun and madness. You obviously need a sense of humor to understand. I guess once you have developed this humour gene you might find slight amusement in this 'pointless' animation.

Far out man.....

ok not great but still ok

Matmi responds:

Hi ActionGuy

Thanks for your review. Have you played our Survivor game yet?
We think you should.

Hmmm.... What the Fuck???

It seemed kinda boring, and kinda cute at the same time, and there doesn't seem to be a plot to anything and I thought it had a ending to it but it just kept until I stopped it. And whats with the bunny getting high on the mushroom? And why is he trying to suck in all those things? And why does he look like a carrot? If you can answer those few questions for me then I think you would diserve a 10. It would have been a 3 but i thought the animation was good.

Matmi responds:

It's all about the inner workings of the Bunny's mind. He becomes want he craves.
Bunny is an addict as many humans are. He is addicted to habit and many things that are not good for him. if he never breaks the addiction he goes round in circles, just as in life.


This would have been good if it did`nt loop or make me dizzy!

Matmi responds:

Loopy loop. That was the point.

sweet animation

the animation was overall very clean and well thought out. Yet I still don't get why the rabbit was trying to inhale everything. It was hilarious to say the least.

Matmi responds:

He is an addict caught in a nightmare loop of life.