Reviews for "MoreLikeBlue"


I really loved the style of this animation. It seemed really original to me, and I just loved the feel of it (does that make sense? wait, do I care?) The humor was nice, not but rotf funny (which I didn't expect, and liked.)
It's nice to see fresh, original work like this. Oh, and I liked the conversation with the guy with his head on fire. That was great!

My First Review

It was kinda funny. I liked it


I hardly laugh and this movie did it! I love demented-no-sense movies like this one. Well time to see the rest of blue ;)


love the colour scheme very... blue lol. the style is slightly simplistic but has a great feel & I simply adore you humor behind it all *^_^ please tell me the Authore of the ROBO2000 song. it went to fast & I couldn't catch it. sorry I tried & tried, I'd like to download it.

I'm very confused...

It makes no sense... yet it does. I think you kept in touch with reality just enough to keep me watching. LOL! I watched the third episode too and it ties in well. I thought maybe watching this one would help me grasp the story, but it didn't really... Oh well...