Reviews for "MoreLikeBlue"


This flash is very original and funny!!!! Keep up the good work!!! And dont forget to be more like blue! =-P

I cant stress "10" style enough.

amazing; the most unique flash Ive yet seen; awesome music choice.

Awe Inspiring

This is my 300th review. For this milestone, I wanted to review a video that I thought greatly of, but had overlooked reviewing. I started searching my flash favorites list for one of them that I hadn't reviewed yet, only to discover that I overlooked reviewing the flash at the top of the list. MoreLIkeBlue.

Every so often there comes a flash video that changes the way I think about flash design. The last for me was Bonus Stage (which I'm not sure if you're familiar with), it inspired me and the style of design and humor shows up in my work.

If feel the same about this... it just makes me want to scrap what I was doing and try to see the world from its creative perspective, and try to match it in my own work.

The Artwork is just beautiful. The humor is broken into a skit style of comedy, which is executed in a way no other has attempted. The music and atmosphere are also stellar, especially the opening sequence.

There is one small thing that bothered me though. At one point, when they are in the elevator, the girl's shirt is backwards for one shot. It's an easy mistake to make, one which I have made, yet no one's called me on. I just had to tell you cause I'm not sure anyone else had pointed it out.

Anyhow, it's just wonderful, the sequels thus far are great too, but this is the one that define as groundbreaking.


Gobi responds:

over a year later, Im responding to some reviews. The freezepop shirt thing was on purpose..not sure w hy I did it, but I figured any detail I could add would count for something. Thanks for the great review, it reminds me I have an unnatural support here at ng.

this wasnt an animation

it was a salty potato chip that takes two bites to eat. it was real delicious. If i gave birth to this animation from the woom that i do not poses, i would name it Carlos.

GOOD. great. awesome. phenominal.

there aren't really any other words, i guess. friggin cool