Reviews for "MoreLikeBlue"

LetsBeBlue, Yaaay! (^_^)

The randomness, the art, and it even has popular refrencees like "Dad at Work" (head on fire guy) and "Ask a Ninja" (Ninja Guy). Add a little J-Pop, techno, abstracts, and of course differents shades of blue and black coloring and you have this hypnotic, witful, mind- wandering, acid trip of a flash. I Love It! Great Job, keep it up.

omfg that was funny as shit

this show is so damn good i watched it elven times over and over again plz make more i just cant wait


This is what I call an intelligent movie. It was absolutely great. The voice acting and animations with high quality graphics were amazing. And how the story combines in a tragic comedy. Or a comic tragedy. I admired the comics too, but the movie is a state of the art. I loved the Work part " cose you have to " he he, and the ninja guy, he was great. And the robot, that was another funny part. All together, you done a wonderful work. Both comics and animation. Congratulations.


I'm not 100 percent sure what I just saw, but I know it was all awesome! You should be directly REAL movies dude. Very good work I can't wait for more!


This video is just to dam funny