Reviews for "MoreLikeBlue"

Pleasant Surprise

So the animation and style was awesome for a newgrounds flash. I was really impressed. Really creative.

The music's actually good too.

Things I normally don't expect to see on newgrounds.

I hope to see more!

Keep it up!

Fantastic :P

Ah, Gobi, it has been a while. Great to see you're still animating.

The animation and art was terrific, really impressive. Characters, backgrounds... Ninjas, all looked good. Plus it was teh funniez. Or funn13z. Whatever's in.

:D Good job. *pat*

- Jemp.

Gobi responds:

Jemp D: whereve u been



I love your work.

The animation and the comics are incredible.


I love you.

Fantastic work.


That was so.... very... different.

And I loved every moment of it.

Keep that lovely comedy comin', dude.