Reviews for "MoreLikeBlue"

nice work

that was great i liked how random it was. that ninja omfg i couldent stop laughing. il be sure to chack out ur other stuff

"Damn it!

I'm a trained astronaut!"

I love this movie >.< Especially the coffee, water cooler, and interview parts! =D


that was funny and very exciting. and my favs are the ninja, the robotron 2000, that coffee skit, and the interview part. Overall the music, the jokes and the animation was great and i can't wait to see more of the "MoreLikeBlue" cartoons in the future.

Well done. =)

It is awesome.

I loved this animation.

Very very interesting to watch. Awesome storyline, awesome music, awesome style.

Basically just a steaming pile of awesome.


one of the most refreshing and pddly addicting
series piolet i've seen a long time. very unique
visual style and diverse cast of odd jobs.
score: *****