Reviews for "Pandora's Book"

good but

yes it was a very good animation but still I sense like is something was missing something else like somekind of trouble anyway i like it

I love the smile of that beast!

You are the BEST animator i've ever seen!
I like the whole movie but the smile on the face of the beast when he doesnt give the book! ^.^
I wish i ever could animate like you...


Very, very nice.

It was great, smooth motion, detailed drawings, much effort and thought in the characters' movements.
One thing, though. I thought Pandora was chaotic, like Pandora's Box, but by the relaxing and soothing atmosphere we don't get much of that. Any reason why?

Good movie

This was pretty good, and the book looked like the book from the movie atlantis.

ahhhh i get it

So Pandora's Book.....AKA the Bible????