Reviews for "Pandora's Book"

That was very terrific

You definitely got skills and potential for this flash animation short. The style you have is very inventive and quite imaginary. It's like something that came out from a mythical fable or story. I hope to see more of your creative works and series in the near future, until then, brilliant work.

Glad you made it

Good to see a version with sound on the Net, It really was quite gay of dA to just remove it but I guess rules are rules, but hey, Newgrounds isn't too bad.
Like the previous guy, the animation is brilliant and it has great potential. At the moment not much is happening and I would love to see the world you have created expanded in new flash movies.

Very nice.

i liked this very much. However, there is so much potentional left out. You are a great artist, I can see that much. Put that talent to good use. Find yourself some voice actors, make a story out of this. That would make the flash os so much better. It's very good as it is, but it could be oh so much better.

Very cool.

Exceptional on every level. Excellent work. I'm sure others will enjoy it as much as I did.


Jesus Christ.