Reviews for "Pandora's Book"

You make me cry!

It's was soo nice!


there was nothing not great about this, the animation was amazing, also the expresions and music. 20 in graphics. lol


Wow, the graphics where AMAZING!! I'm still in shock over how great this is, the music was great too.


this was really beautiful and had a calming effect on me. the art was so beautifully drawn and well animated. good work...also, ur name etoli, reminds of an anime called Strawberry Panic...ever heard of it? and where'd u get the music for this thing?

Fairly good

I found it beatifully drawn and calm. However, the lack of a problem was a bit anticlimactic. Also, The girls name should have been something other than Pandora, or the title should have been different, cuz it sounds too muck like the greek mythology "Pandora's Box," which is quite pessimistic and deals with the woes and desires of all humans. That was a bit distracting because I kept waiting for something similar to happen, but nothing did. Ah well, good flash. 9/10