Reviews for "Pandora's Book"

Some Impressive stuff ya got there!

It's very original and well-planned/executed. It's the most articulate Flash I've seen this side of Waffle-X! (just a few minutes ago.)

I must say, quite impressive and truly original work. And Yes, I enjoyed it.

Now, I'm off, into my secret Lair I go! Hahaha!


that was really well done. it would be so cool to have my own dragon.


I love this.
Serene, mysterious, and very well animated!
I want to know more about both the dragon and the girl, please make more. With this and "Birds of a Feather" you have created an amazing world. Please make more!

...a sound to calm...

Hey, Etoli-sempai, although this may be an old animation you created but yea, the other version you had with a different score, makes the animation look more livelier...but then again, this is still a masterpiece to me...!


Stunningly beautiful. You have something that most artists don't have. A sense of clarity. Aside from being a bit short, I found no flaws in this. A perfect 10.