Reviews for "Pandora's Book"

A well animated flash that just oozes style.

I am more than impressed with the smooth animation and characters. I think that this you have a real talent with animation that can take you far if you let it. I really hope to see a bit more of your stuff on Newgrounds in the future. You might want to clue us in a bit more to these two characters in another animation, perhaps add a dramatic backdrop to accentuate your incredible animating skills.


Although the story is very very simple, nearly non- existant, I think the story wasn't supposed to be the focus of this movie.

The animation style and graphics are TOP NOTCH.

I think this is the first flash I have given a 5 for graphics alone; I really really liked it.



like how smooth it was and i noticed some star wars music and its horrable that i can point that out

nice colouring

I liked it, nice mystic feeling to it and the star wars music suited it, and the humour, good little short, I look forward to seeing more

Very cool...

First thing I thought when I saw her feet on the screen was "ah, rotoscoping". Very impressed that I was wrong.