Reviews for "Pandora's Book"

Uhh, too short..

The graphic is very good, I like it! But I thought there'll be more.. I've always wanted to see such great flash :)

Hope this is not the last of it.


I love your artwork and animation. Are Pandora and Kaluh in the same world and Widget and Gizmo? It'd be cool if they met. Do you think you'd make an animated series using the four? I bet it'd be amazing.


I like the way you drew this thing. The beatiful animations and surroundings is realy impressive. However the setting and reveiling of the caracters lefts me with the feeling that something more should happen.


The animation style was nice and all. However...there was no premise to it at all. It was very...bland. Very boring. I am sorry, but it just doesn't seem to hold any meaning. Granted, not everything needs an in depth message about life and all. However...there wasn't all too much to the storyline of this. A girl walks out with her dragon only to read a magical book.

That's it?

Im sorry, it was really very nicely animated and stuff, but I expected more.