Reviews for "Pandora's Book"

dragon without wings???!?

The idea of a wingless dragon profoundly disturbs me... and was part of that musical score from star wars episode VI? Yeah, the ewoks of endor when they encounter the droids. Overall though a decent animation, and good job creating a story with body language and facial expressions rather than the overtly narrative dialogue that is typical to many fantasy-oriented tales. A bit short for my taste.


It warms my pulmonary cavity. Excellent musical choice. You've managed to create a gentle dreamlike experience.


I love it!! Obviously, very well done and smooth graphics! I kinda see a concept of that friendship is in different forms. Not that probably was originally intended at all, but I kinda saw that in it. It also gives hope to the fact there might be new characters and plots soon. Bravi!


awsome artwork great artwork but its short and theres no meaning.. sry 4/10

its pretty short but..

its pretty short but you had great animation in it!!! so i give it a 10/10 and 5/5 cause' when you go into high detail with something it's ussually harder to get everything done quickly.