Reviews for "Pandora's Book"

Really Good.

Please make another one! This was a very simple, yet distinctive entry. This definitely is material for a really interesting series.

I'm speechless.....

How in the..... ok..... Wow... You did ALL of that Frame by frame while having good animation.. That is just wow... This must have taken you a RIDICULOUSLY long time. Thats just wow. You are a very good artist and this looks like it could be an awsome beggining to a really cool series. (I can jsut imagine this could be the beggining of an anime about a girl with magical powers and pet [dragon?] on a quest to do something for a family member or somthing).

Anyway, i'd just like to say that this animation was really cool. I do hope to god that you do decide to make more of these and put them on NG.


You are an artist!! Wow you draw so well >> *jalouse* Well it's a short story but I liked it :p Good job! °o°

Who's a Brackenwood fan?

That's all?
I don't mean to sound ungrateful or anything, but it was beautiful and I wanted more.


Amazing... No plot, but it was amazing! Please make longer ones with a story!!!

I know frame by frame is very difficult, but if you made it longer, it would be