Reviews for "Pandora's Book"


very nice looking great music great flash loved it

Good Shit

Nice Little Short,Nice Artwork,Calm And Peaceful.


For a short it looked like you worked your ass off on it.
I applaud quality of that magnitude. Great work!


i LOVED the dragon- excatly how one would play like....anyways>>

loved it sweet everything


Perfect flair:
Graphics: 9
FramebyFrame-animation? The Graphics were really impressive. They werent the most detailed ones, but seriously - i prefer that style.

Style: 10
Style=Flair=Perfect. Your Flash was short, but/and expressive.

Sound: 7
The Instrumentals fit great - but some (I underline "some") additional sounds wouldnt hurt. Sometimes a quiet purring sound from that "DragonCatHorsePetorwhateveritis"

Formerly - No Violence, Interactivity and a really little tiny bit of humor... Great done!