Reviews for "Pandora's Book"

How sweet.

I think your forte is facial expression. I must assume you're an artist to be able to capture emotion and intent so well without words- that takes real skill, and you've pulled it off flawlessly.

The scenery was another incredible part of the movie- and the smoothness of the animations. It's been a while since I've seen such smooth walking and movement! And her hair was just beautiful. The music, perfect, the place, idyllic. The characters, serene and sweetly. I loved it very much, and wish I knew more about them. Please consider making another some day =)


Simply Brilliant

By far one of the best animations I've seen for a long while! Its very Fluid, it has perfect timing and the style is nice.

Simply beautiful

If someone could sum up this flash movie in a phrase, chances are that it would be summerized as "short and sweet".

The animation was top notch with hand-drawn frames to make Pandora and Dragon's movement as lifelike as possible. The story was basic yet gave the characters personality.

I really liked the music because of the ambient sounds which made the forest setting believable.

My only gripe is that the movie was rather short. (Perhaps a sequel is in order)

5/5 for fantastic work


you've got the gift of talent right there, magnificent animation my friend. You've got a fan and I've got an idol.


I liked the calm atmosphere. The music fit the ambientation too. Great artwork, keep up the good work!