Reviews for "Portal Detour"


Very good example of how people should take more time in to learning flash and such before submitting their entries, and clogging the portal with total crap. Wehn i see the new entries i would like to see some people try and out do the top entries of all time. But enough about me, this is a fuckin great ass plot and such, and explains how they SHOULD be done.

This makes alot of sense.

This is THE portal awarness video, if i made stuff with flash it would be shit so i'll stick with viewing.


Anybody new to NG or Flash-WATCH THIS! (otherwise, your movie will most likely suck large quantities of cock).

I would just like to say the fallowing:

1) It needed to be done, thank you for valiteering
2) Does Mang Corp know you stole there sybol?
3) The stick men and blood at the beginning are better than what most look like, haha.
4) Keep up the good work, but I would have tried to pick a symbol that was original, and not stolen for some one who accually knows what they are doing...


I really liked it. I haven't done any flash movies yet, but I'm working on it and it's nice to know what to avoid and what to do to improve.