Reviews for "Portal Detour"

Tip #4 "Compression, compression, compression!"

One tip you should of added was to compress the movie.....why submit it if it is 4100K? There are better 100K movies out there that can whip those 4.1MB movies in shape!

Also great touch of humor!

Whoo! Amusing!

Well drawn characters, interesting colors, actual sound... Well, the only problem I have is that the music makes the voice hard to hear. But the... Boyband thing was funny, I liked the weapons... I think that you should have had a Before/After thing at the end, that would be cool. But I'm just whining. This was cool!

Insert generic: "HAHA!"

Standards just need to be set in Newgrounds. Though it is funny to see a crappy toon sometimes. :) We can learn from others mistakes. So anyway, what's with the guy with bandage on his head? Did he have tumor or something?


I really liked it. I haven't done any flash movies yet, but I'm working on it and it's nice to know what to avoid and what to do to improve.


This has to stop with a the portal crap and this man has inspired the Newgrounds world. Well maybe just a little bita world but anyway lets all put an end to all the crap.