Reviews for "(CHS) Zelda: Storm Within!"

Those little.....

How could people possibly 0 bomb something as amazing as this!?
10/10, reminds me of when I kept falling when trying to get the heartpiece :P

ChaosDragon004 responds:

LOL, yeah it does bring back the good old days doesnt it. Yeah, but I think they zerobomb it because they want there music to be heard. I just figure if it get zero bombed then I must have done a good job lol. Thanks again bro for leaving your feedback.

love it

its so calm but at the same time kinda agresive just like a storm, i just love it 5/5 10/10

ChaosDragon004 responds:

Thanks alot bro. It has a great feel to it, you dont get board with it, its peaceful, and exiting at the same time. I just wish more people could hear it because it's getting zero bombed to sleep. lol

Very Nice.


ChaosDragon004 responds:

Yeah, this was one of my favorite songs as a kid. I used to sit inside the windmill and just go round and round to this lol.

Summary is too short

Of all the song of storms remixes I've heard, this one is the best. Reason why is because you didn't just use the same exact song and raise the tempo, or make some notes higher, etc. You added in your own sounds and notes and made the song more enjoyable to listen to. Been listening to this while studying for my final! :P

ChaosDragon004 responds:

Yeah, I try to put my own spin on it. You know, it how I see the song should have been. Although, It keeps getting zero bombed to sleep it manages to find its way back to the top every once in a while lol. I just wish more people could hear this.

awesome, calm yet stylist beat

This is by far, out of all the song of storms i've heard on newgrounds the best man. its really well done this is what should have been in the game or in a future zelda game. if u do nemore of the other songs from the other zelda games have, i'd like to hear them. Keep up the good work

ChaosDragon004 responds:

Yeah, I wish they would make a more serious Zelda game and give the music a more serious feel. I think that it would make for one of the most ultimate Zelda games yet. Thanks bro, for the comment.