Reviews for "Alien Carnage"


This is an exellent game,there is one thing,i dont like the fact you have to jump up just to get a headshot,maybe you could add something so you can aim with the mouse and shoot with the left mouse button,Just a idea though

its a good game

Honto responds:

Thanks a lot. Yeah, I'm not good at coding so that's the best i could do at the time. But now that I'm partnered with qigames in my new games they do all the coding and they're damn good at it : )


argh, i voted 5
it IS a really good game
but the only thing i can say about the movment
'fucking garhh'
the dude turns around and u'r half way across the god damn screen :@
so frustrating

apart from that
its a great game :]

Honto responds:

thanks for your hight rating

The effort had been seen

Honto, this game is of course one of side-scrolling+shooting games BUT you've added to it some nice and uhh... discrepant "gimicks". E.g. those eyes of the marine made me smiling whilst I was walking through the levels and ruining the poor Beyond Silver :). Now, the ambient sound of some radio messages was right in touch and also the music was amazingly matching for the gameplay (which is not so frequently happening). Now the b.a. eye (knock knock! :)) was nice and slow for kill and the bugs were HL style maybe? Umm... about the slides that show stealth-kills you should add more of them with different pictures (bloood!! :D) and... make shooting sounds more sounding as shooting sounds ) After all the game is pretty.

Graphics: 10
Style: 9
Sound: 7
Violence: 0 (which means need more blood :) lol)
Interactivity: 8
Humor: 5
Overall: 9


I just found this game again after such a long time and I just love it. You so need to make another part to it.


I enjoyed that game so much i loved the music and the action and it was cooool.