Reviews for "TMNT: REBEL 6"

Quite possibly the best thing since sliced bread

This series is funnier than Tourettes guy, and that's saying alot. Please for the love of god, keep making these, I can't get enough of them.

Is that enough clear for you?

PS: Reviewer before me is amazing.


great work it was mental:>

O_O;; wow....

Dude, you're friggin bent man! ^_^ This was hilarious! I love Donkey! He rocks! lmao


Heheh, good job man, it was a bit too bizarre for me, but I still liked it, if I lauged more than once, it means that there's some good material here! lol, please keep it up ;-)


Perhaps it was the homoerotic innuendo, but why were they all naked?