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Reviews for "TMNT: REBEL 6"

very funny voices

this is great, so are the other episodes


I've watched this series since the begining and I must say it's gotten better and better. Toonimated, keep up the good work and keep those hilarious voices for the turtles!!


The best series I've ever seen.

I love TMNT Rebel. It's hilarious, I enjoy the style, and Leo's crazy screams. The funniest thing about the series is how they all mispronounce sentences sometimes. Like when Mike said, "Oh yes! I forgot tell ya!" But he left out the word "to." Just for that, it's my favorite quote.

Keep up the great work!

XD XD lol lol lol

o woah woah ive got something delicous its a glass of milk, without the milk! lol pretty funny stuff screw what the last guy said all my 5 are belong to this and hope to see another soon

I want my bandwidth, brain cells, and time back.

You only make yourself look worse when you combine highly detailed images with a non existant intelligence. Because it shows how stupid you really are for being able to draw in great detail but not to express anything in detail.

The word "donkey" was the funniest thing about this animation (that's a bad thing). The gameboy thing was semi funny. Please get a script writer or for that matter someone who knows what funny is. If you are simply trying to weird people out you are succeeding but this just feels empty. You havent even really referenced their personalities from the cartoon except to show that Donny is smart. The scene with the tattoo on Donatello's arm reminded me of that lunatic in "Rebecca". Everything here is a blatant rip off combined with childish toilet humour. At least make their voices a bit more individual sounding. I see where you are aiming with the postmodern thing but it really needs a lot of work.