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Reviews for "TMNT: REBEL 6"

"Your new God and Master of Wisdom"

What else to say? Good randomity as uasully.

Though, I had to give you only 9 because it had bit lack of randomness and was quite "too long." Eitherways, just keep it up.

Funny, but not with it's usual style...

The toon as a whole was funny, could've added more unto it if you changed the quiz into something like this:
Q: I have a chair, and I want to sit down, what should I do? (hint: call 911 for help)

1- Call 911.

2- Scream.

3- Sit your ass down.

Mike follows the hint and calls 911.

911: This is 911, what is the state of your emergency?
Mike: Um, I've got a question; if I have chair, and I want to sit down, should I call 911, scream, or sit my ass down?
911: Call 911 then.(duh.)
Mike underlines the 911 answer.

great ! absolutely great!

oh, oh, ive something delicious! a glass of milk....but i forgot the milk!

freakn' hell-arious! im going to say that at dinner tomorrow.

I love it

Donatelo's voice is the best, its so funny.
The whole thing was very funny and original.
Keep it up =)

Ask donkey

funny as hell with the ngame turtle and the donkey part