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Reviews for "TMNT: REBEL 6"

Holly shit

That's great.Donkey ownz XD


"I have a glass of milk. But I forgotta milk."

Just....oh god. It's just so ridiculous. The facial expressions are priceless and I like all the little details you throw it. Really re-watchable.

Xd xD Xd

This is my favorite!

the best 1 yet

i think leo should have passed the test.....

Rollz over laughing* Very good Job

The humor like I said on the 5th one, I see alot of talent in not only your comedy, but animation, 2 in 1 Great Flash, :) I just love that Onion part. Thats the kind of humor i'm talkin about xD anyway, I love it all. I am BIG fan I Admire your Excellence.