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Reviews for "xKore - Time's Up"


not, lul

This made me very happy, as do your very regular submissions :)

Dam man

Beautiful song. I still can't get the hang of using vocals in my music. Rawrthaas or Awake as some people know him was showing me one of your .flp files today and it was amazing how much time and effort you put into your music. It shows me you are one of a handful of artists on NG that should be taking their music to the next level and going for record deals and making albums. But until then keep the NG portal on its toes with free professional music :) 10/10 5/5


It doesn't get much better than this. I love anything electronic, and getting the bleeps and bloops to form a rhythm that feels so ambient and desolate was done really well. keep it up!

Xkore is eclectic.

Every one of your tracks are very different. Brava

Downloaded yesterday. Play count is >100 already.

I'm a big fan of your entire body of work. I started crawling through your submissions ever since I found Magnum (another, holy fuck song). This song, however, has to be my favourite.

The track starts ominously (which is a weird plus for me). I liked the heartbeat and and street sounds before the beat got brought in. It almost made me feel like someone was deciding their "time's up" and was getting ready to do something rash. The beat is soft and rolling which lends a melancholy undertone to the whole track. It flows very well with the main synth line (which you thankfully kept pretty simple) and beautifully chopped vocals - never getting in the way of anything and just tying the whole piece together. If I had one gripe with this piece it would be that it swells almost too high near 1:30 - I would've liked the whole track to be the same relaxed and somber tone. Perhaps you could have tried something else to give the song variety instead of just swelling up into piano and major-key sounds. Jut a thought.

All in all man, I love this song. You did pretty much everything right and it just leaves me wanting more (hence the repeat, haha). You're a solid dubstep artist but I wish you'd visit this chill style more often. Keep it up!