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Reviews for "xKore - Time's Up"

Xkore is eclectic.

Every one of your tracks are very different. Brava


just plain EPIC :D


I am writing this review as I listen...

This songt is just breathtaking. The drums are so crisp. And the repeated vocals work so well. The second layer of piano flows seamlessly over the first. Perfect structure, I'd like to see a version with a classic, full beat in the future! Not saying that the beat sucks, quite the opposite ;) 10/10 5/5



This is amazing, and i liek how the dude under me made a connection.
He is absolutely right. My interpretation is a final boss. As you fight, you understand moar of him with each blow. Every time you make contact, your souls become closer, and you begin to feel the sorry of your enemy. But knowing this, you must still defeat him. But you do it out of respect, not out of anger, or madness.

Anyway, i loved the voice slicing, it was amazing! I say that a better pad would've been nice, but i liek it as it is now. I wish i could say i want your kick, but i already have a good one. This song is amazing!

Angels Gone Rogue
-DJ Chaos


This most reminds me of the final dungeon of an RPG. You know, something along the lines of "This is it; the point of no return. It's him or us." And then you enter the dungeon and find this huge structure that looks amazing, and the music slowly builds the closer you get to the final boss. At least, that's my interpretation; I could have missed the point entirely. But whatever the meaning behind the song is, it's still an incredible piece of music.