Reviews for "Pop Tarts"


I dont even like clock movies but that just made me laugh really hard.

LeekClock responds:

Then I think it's time to stop ignoring the wonderful truth of the matter: You DO like clock movies! Rejoice! Thanks for watching.

oh my god hahha

sweet jesus so damn true on the site. Leek you are a damn inspiration.

LeekClock responds:

Thank you, Monodi!

and a new hero is born

I've gotta try that frying pan thing sometime


But it did make me laugh for some reason. So good job.

one-line summary of your review

That is quite an interesting style of animation you used there. And of course it was funny, I expect nothing less from you. the penis through the mail slot bit was great. And the voice acting was... well amazing, the more people using real voices in clock movies the better.

LeekClock responds:

Thank you, Flounderman!