Reviews for "Pop Tarts"

I like Leek, leeky leeky leek,

PirateClock: when you get you videocard back watch leeks animation
PirateClock: it's like the best ever
Deja Clock: hah will do

An inspiration to us all.

The combination of stunning visuals, fantastic audio, exemplary script, gripping interactivity and unrivalled animation make this a must-be-seen-to-be-believed experience.



You're so much better than me.

At everything.


I feel like the character who nobley sacrifices himself just before LeekClock walks into the room and defeats the antagonist.
And then Leek modestly says he couldn't have done it without my sacrifice. Though I amounted to NOTHING.
And you are the only one who visits my grave, Leek. The only one.

i liked this movie

it tickled my fancy, and so far might have been the only movie on newgrounds that I have watched in the year 2006, but it was good so its alright.

LeekClock responds:

Thank you, BananaClock!

Oh my

Havn't seen a funny bunny like that in ages! FUNNY. BUNNY.

LeekClock responds:

Thank you, SirClock!