Reviews for "-Monsterbreaks-"

Very Good

I really do like this one. However, I must ask, is that a little bit of inspiration from Hybrid I'm hearing with the changes in foreground? :D

Freaking Awesome

This song reminds me of a song that might be in Timesplitters, except it's better than most the music on there. It's really good!

nice tune

HOW DID it get more downloads than views? LOL XD
keep the good work up!

Waterflame responds:

haha, youtube link ;P thanks!

This is awesome, I'm using this for a Collab on a game called geometry dash

I really like the theme (02:08)! and the parts(like 00:42) where it says "Monsterbreaks!" adds some agrr├ęssive styles to it too. All in all, one of the best songs I've ever heard. (btw., I started a top 10 Waterflame Songs on Watchmojo.com. so if you guys want to see this top 10 list too, go on and vote up! I really hope to see athis list soon! ^_^)