Reviews for "-Monsterbreaks-"


Waterflame, your music has been amazing imo, I've known your music for a year, and there have been like 4 songs that amaze me so much, all your other songs are very good, but there are 4 songs that are so amazing made by you.
I think this is your best song, yet.
You should make more music like this, this music is amazing, this is real music.
I can't believe there are 778 downloads, when there are 1793 views..
my favourite song of your's so far. :)

truly awinspiring

i looove how you arent stuck with one genre of music and its always unique and creative!!!!

totally rad

good to hear from you again, this is darker than what I've heard from you before and it rocks! Oh, and it's got that awesome halloween feel >:D

Awesome, but a bit lengthy.

I have to say, an amazing piece of work. The one bone I have to pick (and it is a small bone indeed) is the length. I enjoy the visuals that run through my mind as I listen, but as the time goes along, my mind seems to have to stretch itself to create a scene to go with the music. At around 4 minutes, the pictures are stretched so thin that it's almost a struggle. A bit of advice, always try to leave your listeners wondering, and wanting more. Fantastic job overall, though!

remember me...

all the music who i listen and loved it. but all those music in one loop, just a profissional can make. and the start of the music remember me "Radioactive" too!
but you make a super mega mix very biggah, and i loved it! i vote 6.