Reviews for "-Monsterbreaks-"


I'm not sure what style music you would consider this but I love all of your heavy hard hitting songs that are in this style like Radioactive, Control Mind, Control Damage, Outrun, Ect. Those songs and this one get my adrenaline pumping every time. I always try to play those songs of yours whenever I'm at random parties. Keep up the great work man.

Another great piece.

I will vote this 5 stars. Every day. Until 2012. Another masterpiece, Waterflame, and good job indeed.

I agree with musicisbliss

I didn't expect "PROCESSING!" in there and thought it was awesome!
Invader Zim ftw!

Du er god :)

Du er fortsatt BEST til å lage rå spill-musikk Christian :)

Freaking Awesome

This song reminds me of a song that might be in Timesplitters, except it's better than most the music on there. It's really good!