Reviews for "-Monsterbreaks-"

totally rad

good to hear from you again, this is darker than what I've heard from you before and it rocks! Oh, and it's got that awesome halloween feel >:D

your stuff-

is just way too awesome. too good of a beat, everything sync's perfect, flows perfect. How do you do it?

9/10 because, somehow, I think you can do better than this :P
you'll find a way


all the beats made made the techno annnoying but its great work so ill give it a 6

Very interesting

Its and interesting because its deep mysterious and complex. It certainly makes good music!

Good as always but...

I feel it's lacking in intensity unlike much of your other work.

Drums: 2/2- Really the redeeming part of the song

Bass: 1/2- Off and on. It was good in some parts.

Melody: 2/2- No problem here

Instruments use: 1/2- Everything except the bass is good

Mood: 1/2- Lacking intensity at 2:49. I really was disappointed.

OVERALL: 7/10- It's alright, an easy listen but not your best. I know you spend a lot of time on this and I can respect that- I've worked on songs for long periods of time with not much result.