Reviews for "-Monsterbreaks-"


Taranthir... please be quiet. I don't want his songs any shorter at all xD Keep up the good work and keep kicking arse. Yes arse...

Holy fffuuu--

For every time I mention "I loved ___" or anything along those lines, I'll add another coin to the cliche swear jar.
That out of the way, I love what you did with the buildup in the intro. Very dark and dramatic, just how a monster theme should come across. Somehow gave me a very strong vibe of "psytrance" in a few places, which put the icing on the cake perfectly. The leads and riffs were mixed perfectly with the snare, and the sudden "genre change" at 1:40 was superb.
Once again, I loved everything about it. Keep it up!


You know i have listened to this in you tube and i know your girlfriend did the background picture in you tube and i thing you two guys are awesome and you deserve to be together and its strange to see two lovers working in new grounds

Awesome, but a bit lengthy.

I have to say, an amazing piece of work. The one bone I have to pick (and it is a small bone indeed) is the length. I enjoy the visuals that run through my mind as I listen, but as the time goes along, my mind seems to have to stretch itself to create a scene to go with the music. At around 4 minutes, the pictures are stretched so thin that it's almost a struggle. A bit of advice, always try to leave your listeners wondering, and wanting more. Fantastic job overall, though!

A chase through caves =)

I love this song,this could play when a monster is chasing a guy through color-flashy caves of death :D