Reviews for "-Monsterbreaks-"

Good beat!

Very nice song and i love the beats,keep it good bro!:P

I like it but

18.833 downloads and 12.513 listens? WTF?

should put this somewhere in mh...

i think capcom should consider putting this song into monster hunter somewhere...

Very nice!

Not my favorite of your work, but it's still very awesome. It's a bit creepy, but still gives off a sort of happy mood like your other songs. I get a feeling this would work in some Scooby Doo-like setting. It's creepy, but still a bit cheery. The production here is great, and the voices and laughs and whatnot really add a lot to it IMO. All your songs are amazing, and I had no doubt that this would be too. Suffice to say, you did not disappoint. I do prefer your more happy music though, but that's just my preference and it doesn't take away any from this song.

remember me...

all the music who i listen and loved it. but all those music in one loop, just a profissional can make. and the start of the music remember me "Radioactive" too!
but you make a super mega mix very biggah, and i loved it! i vote 6.