Reviews for "-Monsterbreaks-"


I'm really impressed!
My neck hurts because this song is so awesome!
The weird vocals made it even better!


keep up the great work Christian love it like always, you know how to mix different feels of music together into one.... genius.

thank you...

..for this birthday present! 6-22.

anyway, to the review.
i really like this, as usual.
reminds me a little of something from insomniac games and i think it has lots of similarities to heavy machine rhythm/cannibal.
those distorted vocals are really awesome, they add much effect and i really like the end. The brief lulls in the action give it a lot of variety, which i also like.

good job!

wow. sweet!

Man, I just love this! I just love your work!


Wooo! i like it alot,good job Christian!
Good way to start summer :D
Can't wait to have news from your 2 nd album

Waterflame responds:

Thanks man :D i will have album news after ive been on the roskilde festival ;D