Reviews for "-Monsterbreaks-"

Very Good

I really do like this one. However, I must ask, is that a little bit of inspiration from Hybrid I'm hearing with the changes in foreground? :D


Waterflame, your music has been amazing imo, I've known your music for a year, and there have been like 4 songs that amaze me so much, all your other songs are very good, but there are 4 songs that are so amazing made by you.
I think this is your best song, yet.
You should make more music like this, this music is amazing, this is real music.
I can't believe there are 778 downloads, when there are 1793 views..
my favourite song of your's so far. :)

dude, this is quality stuff...

You really need to keep making these. I'm going to download all of them and put them on a cd for my reference system.

Seriously, this song just kicks so much ass it's not even funny.

Very interesting..

Besides the fact that this is now my new favorite song, I loved how it wasn't the least bit repetitive!

If you keep making songs like this, you may just become my favorite artist! :P

As usual...

It's incredible!!! =D

You're actually my favorite artist on newgrounds.

There is something in your songs who makes me happy, even on a "monstrous" song like this one.
Your imagination is amazing and your songs are too!!!

This song is not my favorite among all your songs, maybe it is a little too dark, and the very caracteristic "mad touch" that we can find in is not missing, but less deep than on your others songs (like ricochet love =D)

Keep going on this way, this is perfect! =)