Reviews for "-Monsterbreaks-"

!!!!!!!! GREAT

I LOVE IT.. well amma go download it now ;P cya

This Beat is Sick!!

I personally enjoy it its got a nice scatterbeat that i enjoy in some songs and for some reason the breakdown reminds me of Nightmare Before Christmas.

It's not race-around-the-world

Waterflame's gotten himself out of the re-re-re-remixing rut, for which I'm really grateful. I enjoy this tune. But, I agree it's not the "best ever". That epithet's used far, far too often.

That theme change at 1:40 is really jarring. It's like the player skips to something completely different in a playlist.

Just speculating, cant see why everyones R8ing =10

I hope you like honesty.

Everyone's saying it's your best work so far, I'd say flatout no.
I mean, it's not really your best work, is it? I can feel the mystic theme,
a little classic, and I've never really been a fan of breakbeat. some are good though.
I appreciate the effort, just a lot of your songs have been so much better. Maybe it's cause I like my techno loud and pumping. Meh. I liked the record scratches.

Writing this, I've just realises it gets better the more you listen to it. I still remain firm in my standing it's not you best work though. It's an ok song, but it's a little slow, and kind of inbetween dark and regular.

I wanna know, do YOU think it's your best work? I'd give 6.5 if I could.

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