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Reviews for "Redemption : Part 1"

Super Sweet

Very good submission :)
I like the art in it, the detail in the eyes is very nice. Although I think the transitions between slowmotion and fast paced action are too great. There should probably be a bit more fast paced action with less stoppage time inbetween.
But that's just me, i like hardcore action - heh.
Overall: very good :D

Looks good

I like the way you made the eyes. Why is it so short though? I mean, it says, to be continued. Why not continue it now? The file size was nice, so I don't really know why, it's your flash.
Background wasn't really the strong point here, except for the sky was nice.

Also, it seemed more like a staring contest than a fight, but the violence was great when they did somthing.

Have a nice day! :)


nice anim!

that was good but...

if i were you id make part 2 and submit them together. like in 1 flash cos its way to short the way it is now even for part of a movie.

Not bad...

It was fine, like theyr eyes ^^.
(btw, it isn't Ramstien, it is Rammstein and the music name isn't Blitzball Rock it is Underworld [at least the real name :P])