Reviews for "Lightning Pool 2"

Loved it!

That was one of the best games like this that I have played in flash.
It was done well and wasn't that difficult to pick up.
The graphics and sound where great.
There's not much I could suggest.
It's all done well P:


Oh man this game is so much. Love pool and this adds a really cool twist. Great game.

Slick and suprisingly addictive!

This game is perfectly translated from the real world, the physics are pretty spot on and just as in the real world - I kick ass!
More levels would be good, but they are obviously available in the full version.


Very nice idea, well dunno about that, but anyways.
I enjoyed playing it, make more, I wub u ;)

Innovative, challenging and deep

There are plenty of online pool games out there but both this game and its prequel have always been a cut above because they're about more than just potting a bunch of balls on a bland green table.

I've never been a huge fan of online pool but this game does away with the complicated mechanisms of some pool games and whilst its frantic, its also rewarding and complex enough to challenge even the most savvy pool players.

The further you get in the game you realise there's a bunch of really cool tables such as an Ice Hockey table, a volcanic lava table and even a soccer pitch so there's plenty of variety for both old school players and non-traditionalists.