Reviews for "Neon 2"

voted 5

A very nice sequel. Great graphics. They were very nice and trippy. I love the flashing and brightness and it just such a wel made game. Very smooth too. And I am glad you got rid of the level system and made it increase the levels by itself.

I personally do not like the whol camera thing. It made the game very hard because the screen was so small for the big field the the objects were moving so fast. And I like the plain black background better.

varstudios responds:

Thanks for the good score. The scrolling takes some getting used to i know. It should get better the more you play though.

Good game

Great game, but it bugged out after about 210,000 points (the bullets stopped disappearing, and lagged out my comp, so I ended up dying much more quickly).


yay 35th in the top 50. XD
ah the game is amazing!

This is AWESOME!!!

If you were against ATARI and ASTEROIDS you would just kick their ass to high hell.

Loved it more than its little brother!

Wow. I really loved this one. Neon 2 is the most classic flash game ever. The graphics are good, and I love that old skool feel you get from playing it. The sound was good, and its an overall good game. Maybe a Neon 3 is on the horizon? Who knows?!