Reviews for "Neon 2"

Good game

Yeah 'twas a good game.I came 24th in the daily high scores :).
Make the smaller red squares shootable.
PS 0 sound cos my speakers are busted XD.

ok this is better

alright this is better with the last one and it has better graphics its been made a little easier and other than that its just better better upgrades u get more space to move the shields are helpful and mines are a cool new edition so 9 out o 10 much better

awsome game

i loved it that game was freakin awsome! and the bombs were kinda kool 2 and are u gona make #3?

Two Reasons

There is only two reasons why I love it; Shooting geographical figures (I HATE SHAPES) and getting a high score (I HATE PEOPLE BETTER THAN ME).

Good, but the first one is better.

I really didn't see much of a difference between this one and the first. The real reason why I say that the first is better, is because they are so similar that playing this one is almost pointless if you have played the first.

Nevertheless, you didn't do a bad job. Powerups like in the first one are a plus, and so are some other things you threw in there. After a while it does get a little repetitive though.

Graphically, I think the first one looks better. The textures look almost identical and the graphics aren't far apart, but this one has more jagged edges than the first one did for me.

Still, you did a good job. I think you should make a third one, except make it look a little bit better and add more variety to it.