Reviews for "Neon 2"

id say indeedy

indeedy do i think its not poo but it cold do with some new things like create ur own ship from different parts or at least different levels with diferent bakgrounds.anyhow gd job


That was amzeing, i'm a fan of neon and i know i'm going to love this :D I already do! Great job.

varstudios responds:

Glad you like it :) Thanks for the review.

Awesome game

This is going into my favorites. This game is great! Sort of like asteroids with better sound, cooler graphics, upgrades and tons of stuff!

Graphics: very nice! decnt and the game doesnt lag at all, plus a nice preloader!
Style: What is style again?
Sound: I like the music it was cool and fit in with the game
violence: Good. Shooting hexagons is more addicting than one might think!
Interactivty: great interface and easy to understand.
Humor: its actually funny shooting those things!

I hope you make another sequel to this!

varstudios responds:

Thanks got the good review. We will see about a sequel.

Best. Game. EVAR.

Come on guys, it's Neon 2! Need I say more?

varstudios responds:

:) cheers mate.

It's like asteroids on crack

Seriously sweet game. Bit tricky to get used to moving but its great fun with the gradual introduction of enemies.

Great game.